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The Trivedi Effect® Has:

• Increased the yield of crops by up to 500 percent, their immunity by over 600 percent and shelf-life up to 1,000 percent without the use of any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides
• Changed plant DNA polymorphism up to 69% in controlled environments
• In a rigorous, U.S.-based laboratory setting, identified and killed cancer cells while simultaneously sustaining and promoting greater viability in healthy cells
• Converted cancerous cells back into non-cancerous cells
• Reduced the viral load of HIV and Hepatitis B and C, in vitro, by more than 99 percent
• Made drug-resistant bacteria respond to drugs and antibiotics
• Changed the size, mass, structure and energy within and between atoms
• Changed the specific heat, melting and boiling points as well as strengthened the composition of metals and other non-living materials at the atomic level
• Converted energy into matter, and vice versa
…And more

Benefits as reported by tens of thousands of people across the world

Physical Wellness

• More energy
• High quality, refreshing sleep
• Glowing skin
• Improved vision
• Improved immune system
• Reduction in symptoms of chronic ailments like arthritis and allergies
• Reduction of pain
• Overall improved complexion
• Rapid growth of hair and nails
• Improvement in Autism spectrum disorders
• Relief from menstrual cycle disorders
• Relief from premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
• Overall health improvement

Mental & Emotional Wellness

• Relief from emotional traumas and imbalances
• Greater peace of mind
• Profound happiness
• Less fear of the future
• Mental calmness
• Greater confidence
• Increased mental clarity
• Relief from depression
• Reduction in anxiety and stress
• Clearer perception
• Greater optimism
• More positive mood
• Improved ability to focus
• Feelings of gratitude
• Relief in ADD/ADHD
• Relief from many neurological and psychological disorders

Sexual Wellness

• More sexual fulfillment
• Better performance
• Increased libido
• Orgasmic satisfaction (Increase in ease, frequency, and intensity)
• Increased stamina

Financial Wellness
• Abundance in all areas of life
• Attraction to the right occupation
• Improved finances
• Improved levels of productivity and efficiency
• Occupational satisfaction
• Growth in business
• More clients
• Greater business opportunities

Social Wellness

• Social magnetism
• Better communication
• Greater interpersonal relationships
• Changes in other people’s perception
• Changes in the recipient’s perception
• Deeper connection on the “level of the soul”
• Greater compassion
• More loving relationships
• Attraction of “Soul Mate” or life partner
• Ability to uplift other people
• The “Ripple Effect”

Spiritual Wellness
• Stronger connection to the inner self and inner guidance system
• Discovery of life’s purpose
• Greater trust in God, relative to each individual’s understanding
• Improved sense of spirituality
• Greater appreciation and understanding of the precepts of one’s chosen spiritual path
• Deeper experiences in meditation

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