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  • Mahendra Trivedi is very clear that his destiny is to bring genuine happiness, liberty and freedom to people through Divine blessings that bring health and positive change into their lives.
  • The need of science is to set parameters for investigating a person claiming to have spiritual, divine healing powers and to protect the public from fraudulent claims. This knowledge will have a truly significant and historical impact on the world.
  • Mahendra Trivedi mission is to relate all branches of science that deal with living and non living beings. All matter in the universe, visible and non visible is composed of atoms; hence the study of the changes the life energy causes at the atomic level can result in a new understanding in the behavior and characteristics of the materials. This, Mahendra Trivedi prophesizes, will usher in a new era of discoveries in science- This is the science of future, which integrates consciousness, matter and energy into a single entity.
  • To provide the opportunity to the scientific community in the field of life sciences to investigate the changes occurring during evolution. This is possible as Mahendra Trivedi can accelerate the evolutionary changes into a very short time frame; few days as opposed several hundreds of days/years that are normally required.
  • The predetermined information into the atoms decides their destiny. Therefore, the assemblies of atoms such as small and large molecules, and, living and non living have their destiny pre programmed. Through various result oriented experiments Mahendra Trivedi has proved that the destiny of both living and non living is altered or reprogrammed. He has a premonition that science can get a new vision related to atomic programming/ pre-destined information and the concept of destiny through experiments and not through hypothesis or philosophy. Thus, to incorporate the science and spirituality/consciousness in to the atomic world there by affecting destiny constitutes the final objective.